Specially Trained in Hair Restoration Procedures.


  1. Stop any topical medicine/Spray like Minoxidil two weeks prior to the procedure.
  2. No Smoking, Vitamin-E, Aspirin/Disprin four days prior to the procedure.
  3. No Alcohol, Four days before and after the procedure.
  4. If your hair are white, dye them black one day prior to the procedure.
  5. Do shampoo on the night before surgery and in the morning of surgery with nizral shampoo and betadine lotion . Do not apply oil
  6. Do have a light breakfast in the morning on the day of procedure.
  7. You should wear a open shirt with no inner vest on the day of procedure and ten days thereafter.
  8. You are advised to undergo the following investigations prior to the procedure : CBC with ESR, BT, CT, PT, APTT, Blood Sugar, KFT, LFT, HbsAg, HIV-I & II, Lipid Profile, CxRPA, ECG.
  9. You should be accompanied by someone to drive you back after the procedure.